Maderotherapy or the "Wood Therapy" is a therapy that employs purposely shaped wood pieces to sculpt the body in desired areas.

It is a revolutionary therapy that involves bringing circulation to target areas with applied smoothing deep pressure and movements that lead to rapid breakdown of fat and cellulite and facilitate weight loss and naturally eliminate toxins.

This technique is a superior alternative to regular massage for individuals with disproportionate, localized pockets of stubborn fat and cellulite!!!

Maderotherapy employs anatomically-sculpted wooden tools specially designed for this massage therapy to improve the body’s size and proportions while advancing overall health benefits. Our wood tools manipulate targeted areas of muscle, fat and cellulite, stimulating the lymphatic drainage system to rid the body of stored toxins. This release of toxins jumpstarts metabolism to burn fat. The manipulation also serves to break down stubborn pockets of cellulite, thereby shrinking disproportionate bulges and smoothing orange-peel dimples..

And have in mind that once you have started this therapy you will relax your mind and body and you will reduce any mental and physical tension.


  • Reduces the “Muffin Top” around the Upper Hips
  • Reduces “Saddlebags” on the Thighs
  • Chisels the Waist
  • Defines Arms and Legs
  • Firms Thighs and Buttocks
  • Reduces Back and Belly Fat
  • 100% All-Natural, Non-Invasive
  • Loosens Tight, Restricted Muscles
  • Stimulates Lymphatic Drainage
  • Eliminates Toxins
  • Speeds Metabolism
  • Breaks Down Cellulite
  • Burns Fat
  • Tones, Tightens and Reduces Circumference


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